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Shotcut is Free, Open Source, Cross-platform Powerful Video Editor.

Major features include support for a wide range of formats; no import required meaning native timeline editing; Blackmagic Design support for input and preview monitoring; and resolution support to 4k.

Full Features List of Shotcut:

Wide Format Support

◾Support for the latest audio and video formats

◾Supports popular image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, WebP as well as image sequences

◾Lottie and rawr JSON animations

◾No import required - native timeline editing

◾Frame-accurate seeking for many formats

◾Multi-format timeline: mix and match resolutions and frame rates within a project

◾Webcam capture

◾Audio capture

◾Support for 4K resolutions

◾Network stream playback (HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS, UDP)

◾Video generator plugins (e.g. color bars and plasma)

◾Color, text, noise, and counter generators

EDL (CMX3600 Edit Decision List) export

◾Export single frame as image or video as image sequence

◾Videos files with alpha channel - both reading and writing

◾Tone mapping HDR to SDR

◾Optional full range video input, processing, and export

Audio Features

◾Audio scopes: loudness, peak meter, waveform, spectrum analyzer

◾Volume control

◾Audio filters:
Balance, Band Pass, Compressor, Copy Channel, Delay, Downmix, Equalizer: 3-Band, Equalizer: 15-Band, Equalizer: Parametric, Expander, Gain, High Pass, Invert, Limiter, Low Pass, Noise Gate, Normalize: One Pass, Normalize: Two Pass, Notch, Pan, Pitch, Reverb, Stereo Enhancer, Swap Channels

◾Audio mixing across all tracks

◾Fade in and out audio and fade video from and to black with easy-to-use fader controls on timeline

◾Cross-fade audio and video dissolve transitions easily by overlapping shots on the same track of the timeline

◾JACK transport sync

◾Tone generator

◾Stereo, mono, and 5.1 surround

◾Pitch compensation for video speed changes

◾Record directly to timeline for voiceover, for example

Video Effects

◾Video compositing across video tracks

◾3-way (shadows, mids, highlights) color wheels for color correction and grading

◾Eye dropper tool to pick neutral color for white balancing


◾Auto-rotate with manual override

◾Fade in/out audio and fade video with easy-to-use fader controls on timeline

◾Video wipe transitions:
bar, barn door, box, clock (radial), diagonal, iris, matrix, and custom gradient image

◾Track compositing/blending modes:
None, Over, Add, Saturate, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Darken, Dodge, Burn, Hard Light, Soft Light, Difference, Exclusion, HSL Hue, HSL Saturation, HSL Color, HSL Luminosity

◾Video Filters:
Alpha Channel: Adjust, Alpha Channel: View, Audio Dance Visualization, Audio Level Visualization, Audio Light Visualization, Audio Spectrum Visualization, Audio Waveform Visualization, Blend Mode, Blur: Box, Blur: Exponential, Blur: Gaussian, Blur: Low Pass, Blur: Pad, Brightness, Choppy, Chroma Hold, Chroma Key: Advanced, Chroma Key: Simple, Contrast, Color Grading, Corner Pin, Crop: Source, Crop: Circle, Crop: Rectangle, Deband, Distort, Dither, Elastic Scale, Flip, Fisheye, Glitch, Glow, GPS Graphic, GPS Text, Gradient, Grid, Halftone, Hue/Lightness/Saturation, Invert Colors, Key Spill: Advanced, Key Spill: Simple, Levels, 3D LUT, Mask: Apply, Mask: Chroma Key, Mask: From File, Mask: Simple Shape, Mirror, Mosaic, Nervous, No Sync, Noise: Fast, Noise: Keyframes, Old Film: Dust, Old Film: Grain, Old Film: Projector, Old Film: Scratches, Old Film: Technocolor, Opacity, Posterize, Reduce Noise: HQ3DN, Reduce Noise: Quantization, Reduce Noise: Smart Blur, Reduce Noise: Wavelet, Reflect, RGB Shift, Rotate and Scale, Saturation, Scan Lines, Sepia Tone, Sharpen, Size and Position, Sketch, Spot Remover, Stabilize, Text: Rich, Text: Simple, Threshold, Time Remap, Timer, Trails, Vertigo, Vignette, Unpremultiply Alpha, Wave, White Balance

◾360° Video Filters:
Equirectangular Mask, 360: Equirectangular to Rectilinear, 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic, 360: Hemispherical to Equirectangular, 360: Rectilinear to Equirectangular, 360: Stabilize, 360: Transform

◾Speed effect for audio/video clips

◾Reverse a clip

◾Video scopes: Histogram, RGB Parade, RGB Waveform, Waveform, Vectorscope and Zoom

Editing Features

◾Trimming on source clip player or timeline with ripple option

◾Easy-to-use cut, copy, and paste operations

◾Append, insert, overwrite, lift, and ripple delete editing on the timeline

◾3-point editing

◾Hide, mute, and lock track controls

◾Multitrack timeline with thumbnails and waveforms

◾Unlimited undo and redo for playlist edits including a history view

◾Create, play, edit, save, load, and export (render) MLT XML projects (with auto-save)

◾Save and load trimmed clip as MLT XML file

◾Load and play complex MLT XML file as a clip

◾Drag-n-drop files from file manager

◾Scrubbing and transport control

◾Keyframes for filter parameters

◾Detach audio from video clip

◾Presets for most filters and Export - both supplied and user-created

◾Sort playlist by name or creation/recording date

◾Multi-select items in the playlist and timeline

◾Create custom name for clips and enter comments about it

◾Low resolution proxy editing to improve speed of seeking and eliminate or minimize scaling

◾Timeline markers and ranges, including export from a range and exporting as text chapters

◾A Notes panel to keep notes about your project or contain text to reaad for voiceover

◾Flexibly insert and reorder tracks

Display and Monitoring

◾External monitoring via Blackmagic Decklink card on NTSC monitor

◾External monitoring on an extra system display/monitor

◾UI themes/skins: native-OS look and custom dark and light

◾Control video zoom in the player: fit viewable area (default), 10%, 25%, 50%, original (100%), and 200%

◾Flexible UI through dock-able panels

◾Detailed media properties panel

◾Recent files panel with search

◾Thumbnail and waveform caching between sessions

◾Save and switch between multiple UI layouts

◾On-screen grid and safe areas with snapping

◾Low resolution preview (Preview Scaling) to improve speed of realtime effects

◾Preview the Shotuct timeline as a background within Glaxnimate

◾Quickly search for actions & execute them

◾Editable keyboard shortcuts


System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
(For 64-bit)

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Developer By:

Meltytech, LLC.

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