AV Voice Changer

Diamond v9.5.33

By AVSoft Corp.
Date Added: 11-Nov-2021

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AV Voice Changer is Voice Manipulation Software, Founded By AVSoft Corporation.

Do almost anything with your voice. Or any voice.

AV Voice Changer Diamond, a robust voice-altering software developed by Audio4fun, is your go-to tool for manipulating and enhancing your vocal expressions across a spectrum of applications. Its rich array of features empowers users to craft unique and captivating vocal transformations.

With its intuitive user interface, AV Voice Changer Diamond is a breeze to download and install, ensuring a swift setup on your computer. The software accommodates various audio formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG, simplifying the import and export of audio files.

A standout feature is the real-time voice modulation while using a microphone. This capability proves particularly handy for online gamers, allowing them to conceal their identities and adopt various personas effortlessly. The software comes equipped with an in-built voice recorder for capturing and saving audio files.

The voice effects within this software are the true gems. They encompass a wide range of options, including gender swaps, robotic intonations, animal sounds, and celebrity impersonations. You can even tailor your own unique vocal effects by tweaking parameters like pitch and timbre.

Moreover, the voice comparator function analyzes your voice against a reference voice, aiding in honing your voice acting skills by highlighting discrepancies.

The software's noise reduction feature effectively filters out unwanted background noise from audio recordings, ensuring a crisper and more professional sound.

AV Voice Changer Diamond boasts a sound player that accommodates diverse audio files, ranging from music to sound effects. It also supports virtual surround sound, elevating your auditory experience, especially when using headphones.

The voice analyzer tool scrutinizes and displays voice characteristics such as pitch, timbre, and intensity. This analytical function aids in understanding and refining your vocal talents.

For voice-over projects and video dubbing, the voice morpher feature proves invaluable. It can seamlessly transition your voice into various characters and accents, including British, American, and Australian dialects.

The voice beautifier is a must for podcasters and voice-over artists, refining vocal quality by eliminating imperfections and imbuing warmth and richness to recordings.

Adding a fun twist, the voice parody function can generate comical and entertaining vocal outputs. This includes quirky effects like fart sounds, burps, and humorous voices, perfect for playful pranks and entertainment.

The voice editor is at your disposal for fine-tuning and manipulating your audio recordings. It lets you perform tasks like cutting, copying, pasting, adjusting volume, and modifying playback speed.

Notably, AV Voice Changer Diamond plays well with popular chat and messaging applications such as Skype, Discord, and TeamSpeak. It integrates seamlessly, enabling real-time voice alteration during conversations with friends or colleagues.

In summary, AV Voice Changer Diamond stands out as a versatile and potent voice modulation software, catering to gamers, voice artists, and anyone seeking to have a blast with their vocal expressions. Its user-friendly design ensures a swift download and installation process. With this software, you can metamorphose your voice into diverse personas and accents, banish background noise, and refine the quality of your voice recordings with ease.

AV Voice

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
(Full) Duplex Sound Card and Recommended Highly Speakers And Microphone

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Developer By:

AVSoft Corp.

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