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Diamond v9.5.33

By AVSoft Corp.
Date Added: 11-Nov-2021

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AV Voice Changer is Voice Manipulation Software, Founded By AVSoft Corporation.

Do almost anything with your voice. Or any voice.

Morph and record. Cut and mix. Modify your voice or any audio file not only in real time, but also in waveform editing.

Best performed voice morphing algorithms.

Natural voice qualities are always desirable. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond offers industry-leading algorithms that guarantee each audio output will be optimally processed with the best possible, natural quality.

✔️HD Voice Recoder & Clearly Change Voice
✔️Advance Voice Changers & Voice Editors
✔️Modified Your Voice With Advanced Numerous Voice Effects and Many Voice Filters
✔️30+ Voice Effects, 17+ Non-human Voices, 40+ Plug-in Audio Effects, 70+ Background Effects and more
✔️Voice Analyze
✔️Create High Quality(HQ) Voice For Narration, Movies, Daramas, and more
✔️Easily Recording, Cutting, Mixing and Make Beautiful Your Voice
✔️Advanced Virtual Driver Technology
✔️Online Voice Changer (VoiP and Instant Messengers, Online Games, & Web Apps)
✔️and Much More

Voice Editor

Edits and adds in effects, to design your modified-voice file precisely to your requirements.

Provides the abilities to cut/split/copy, apply effects or perform more essential editing operations on your morphing results partially or wholly.


Numerous advanced voice effects and voice filters are available within the program: 30 Voice Effects, 70 Background Effects, 17 Non-human Voices, 40 plug-in Audio Effects and more.

Easily create your own, high quality voice overs for movie, radio, narration, and more.

Voice Morpher

The new Voice Morpher extends its definition to a complete voice morphing process, includes Voice Attributes, Voice Beautifying, and now with more Advanced Settings.

Voice Recorder

Record your voice via the microphone or capture audio/sound from any VoIP programs, instant messengers, Internet radio, playing-back music clips, etc.

New clean design make every voice recording task become effortless.

File Morpher

Quickly morph and convert batch of audio files at the same time.

This unique feature is voted by most users of Audio4fun for morphing (add effects and convert) their pre-recorded audio files.


Inspired from the term “nickname”.

Over one hundred ready-to-use "nickvoices" to use with any online nickname and personality.

Quickly switch between the nickvoices and presets with the built-in hotkey support

Voice Analyzer

Analyze 4 fundamental characteristics of your voice: Harmony, Brightness, Pitch, Score to understand what's going on with your current voice, or analyze any other original or altered voice.

Vocal improvement at home - improve your own voice by altering the pitch and timbre; record, and then practice your new and improved voice.

Parody Mixer

Mix parody voices to create a new parody voice.

Voice mimicker - mimic other people's voices, imitate Hollywood stars and celebrities' voices, and mix parody voices to create your own unique voices.

Virtual Audio Working Method

Digitally signed Virtual Audio Driver. Better compatibility with online chat zones. Be compatible with any Internet-based program, voice chat application, instant messenger program, VoIP program, and online, in-game voice chat systems.

Voice Comparator

Quickly import someone else's voice to compare with your voice for the similarity analysis and quick-apply voice imitation.


Built-in audio player to play imported files or to preview your morphing work, in various audio file formats. Also supports playlist.


Set the global hot keys for frequently used features and nickvoices. Then, quickly switch voices or turn program's features on/off with simple keystrokes even while you are in online games.

Add-on Library

Take advantage of large, growing, online library of free voice and sound effects packs. Easily create your own, high quality voiceovers for movie, radio, narration, and more.

AV Voice

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
(Full) Duplex Sound Card and Recommended Highly Speakers And Microphone

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Developer By:

AVSoft Corp.

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