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Driver Booster is System Driver Updater Software, Founded By IObit.

Driver Booster Make Your System Performance Smoother and Stable, Reliable.

Driver Booster, a software tool crafted by IObit, serves as a valuable solution for maintaining your computer's driver software up-to-date. Drivers, crucial components, facilitate communication between hardware devices and the computer's operating system. Failing to keep these drivers current can result in device malfunctions, performance hitches, and system instability.

The essence of Driver Booster lies in its user-friendly approach, simplifying the often daunting task of driver updates. The software conducts a comprehensive scan of your computer, identifying outdated or missing drivers, and subsequently handles the downloading and installation of the latest versions. Driver Booster accommodates a broad spectrum of hardware devices, encompassing printers, scanners, audio and video cards, and network adapters.

One of the paramount merits of employing Driver Booster is its potential to enhance your computer's overall performance. Obsolete drivers can instigate a slew of issues, from sluggish boot times to application crashes. By ensuring the currency of your drivers, Driver Booster plays a pivotal role in maintaining a smooth and efficient system.

Furthermore, Driver Booster contributes to bolstering system stability. Incompatible or outdated drivers can result in a host of problems, ranging from system crashes to the dreaded blue screen of death. By guaranteeing the timeliness of all drivers, Driver Booster significantly mitigates these issues.

Driver Booster doesn't stop at mere driver updates; it boasts an array of supplementary features to enhance your computing experience. Notably, it includes a tool designed to optimize gaming performance by deactivating unnecessary background processes and services. This optimization can reduce lag and enhance frame rates, delivering smoother and more efficient gameplay.

For those who prefer an uninterrupted computing experience, Driver Booster incorporates a "silent mode." Enabling this mode allows Driver Booster to work silently in the background, automatically updating drivers without displaying disruptive notifications or pop-ups.

In addition to these features, Driver Booster offers a crucial safety net in the form of driver backups. This feature proves invaluable if an updated driver causes problems, as it allows you to revert to a previous version with ease. Furthermore, the software can create a system restore point before initiating driver updates, offering an added layer of protection.

In summary, Driver Booster stands as a potent and user-friendly tool for anyone seeking to maintain their computer's optimal performance. Its ability to streamline driver updates and optimize gaming performance can significantly enhance system stability and overall efficiency. With its intuitive interface and supplementary features, Driver Booster simplifies the process of keeping your drivers current. If you seek a reliable solution to keep your drivers up-to-date, Driver Booster is unquestionably worth your consideration.

Driver Booster

Driver Booster PRO Automatically Update Over 8,000,000 Drivers & Game Components for Stable System Performance.

What is Difference Between Driver Booster 'Free' And Driver Booster 'Pro' Versions?


Free Pro
Driver Database 6,000,000+ 8,000,000+
Driver Download Speed Basic 100% Faster
Auto Update, Backup & Restore - ✔️
Get Necessary Game Components - ✔️
Fix 35+ Hardware Issues With 1-Click - ✔️
Update and Install Network Drivers Offline - ✔️
Priority to Update Game Ready Drivers - ✔️
Premium Technical Support - ✔️

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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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