Internet Explorer 11

v11.0.0.9 (64-bit)

By Microsoft Corporation
Date Added: 21-Oct-2021

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Internet Explorer is Fast Internet Web Browser, Founded By Microsoft.

Internet Explorer is no longer available, Internet Explorer 11 has ended on June 15, 2022.

We Recommend You Switch to Microsoft Edge Form Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 64-bit (IE11) stands as a Microsoft-crafted web browser integrated into the Windows operating system landscape. Its inception dates back to 2013, succeeding its predecessor, Internet Explorer 10. Despite being succeeded by Microsoft Edge as Windows' default web browser, IE11 continues to maintain a substantial user base, being inherently included in Windows 10 for compatibility considerations.

At its core, Internet Explorer 64-bit IE11 strives to heighten the browsing experience, boasting a repertoire of features and tools. Notably, its forte lies in compatibility, spanning a broad spectrum of websites and web technologies. This capability ensures seamless access to a majority of online content, even encompassing sites that have not been optimized for contemporary browsers. Augmenting this, IE11 incorporates performance enhancements like hardware acceleration, promoting faster load times and smoother page rendering.

Security remains a paramount concern, a facet IE11 addresses adeptly. Enter SmartScreen, a guardian against phishing attempts and malicious domains. This vigilant feature evaluates website content, promptly alerting users to any detected suspicions. Furthering its security repertoire, IE11 empowers users to thwart pop-up nuisances and swiftly clear browsing history and cookies.

User-friendliness is a hallmark, with Internet Explorer 64-bit IE11 sporting an intuitive interface facilitating streamlined navigation. The browser ensures ease in locating desired functionalities and tools. Furthermore, personalization is key, as IE11 extends customization privileges—altering search engines and homepage selections tailors the browsing environment to individual preferences.

In summation, Internet Explorer 11, birthed by Microsoft for the Windows ecosystem, endures as a resilient presence. While Microsoft Edge has taken the mantle of Windows' default browser, IE11 persists due to compatibility, a testament seen in its integration within Windows 10. A feature-rich offering, IE11 champions compatibility, performance, and security. Its user-centric design and customization options make it a reliable and approachable choice for both professional and leisurely Windows users alike.

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IE Mode in Edge

IE Mode in Edge refers to a transformative feature within the Microsoft Edge web browser that seamlessly combines modern browsing capabilities with compatibility for legacy Internet Explorer (IE) websites and applications. This innovative mode allows users to access older web content without the need to switch to the standalone Internet Explorer browser.

By enabling IE Mode in Edge, users can navigate websites that were designed for older versions of Internet Explorer, ensuring that critical business applications and websites continue to function as intended. This feature is especially valuable for enterprises that rely on legacy systems, as it offers a more streamlined and convenient experience, eliminating the need to maintain separate browsers for compatibility purposes.

IE Mode operates within the Edge browser environment, utilizing the Trident rendering engine, which powered Internet Explorer, to render legacy content accurately. This integration ensures a smooth transition between modern browsing and compatibility requirements, enhancing productivity and efficiency for users who rely on both modern and older web technologies.

In conclusion, IE Mode in Edge is a forward-thinking solution that addresses the challenge of legacy compatibility, allowing users to access older web content within the modern Edge browser. This innovation streamlines browsing experiences, particularly for enterprises, by eliminating the need for a separate browser while ensuring the continued functionality of critical legacy systems.

Features of Internet Explorer 11:
✔️Web Pages Load Faster
✔️Make Fast And Smoothly Web Browsing
✔️Easily Pin Your Favorite Sites
✔️Easily & Securly Access to Online Banking
✔️Enhanced Protected Mode
✔️Reading Mode
✔️IE 11 is Improved Tabs And Browsing
✔️Updated Web Standards (WebGL, Canvas 2D L2 Extensions, Fullscreen API, Encrypted Media Extensions, Media Source Extensions, CSS Flexible Box Layout Module, Mutation Observers, like DOM4 and 5.3)
✔️Clean Browser User Interface

Internet Explorer

System Requirements:

Windows 7 (For 64-bit)

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English, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, German, Spanish, Chinese

Developer By:

Microsoft Corporation

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