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By Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC
Date Added: 27-Jan-2023

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Start Your Own Internet Radio Station With SAM Broadcaster PRO.


◾The #1 Internet Broadcasting Solution since 2003
◾Winner of 21 software and web awards
◾Powering 200,000 radio stations in 160 countries
◾Unrivalled Support

14 days free trial version.

SAM Broadcaster PRO Features:

✔️Advanced audio processing with AGC
✔️Windows Compatible
✔️Multiple player decks
✔️Stream in multiple formats (AAC, aacPlus, AAC-HE, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and Windows Media)
✔️Listener stats
✔️SAM Reporter for advanced reporting
✔️Website integration (HTML and PHP templates)
✔️3 working areas (desktops)

Sound Professional

Advanced audio features like cross-fade detection, gap killer, volume normalization and 5-band compressor and limiter.

Fully Featured

SAM Broadcaster is your Cross-fading, Gap Killing, Beat Matching, Voice Tracking, Stream Encoding, Statistics Relaying, Track Playing, Output Automating internet radio broadcasting solution.

Media Library

Organize large music libraries quickly into multiple categories, import information from tags and automatically look up track information via

Stream in Multiple Formats

Formats include AAC, aacPlusv1, aacPlusv2, AAC-HE, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and Windows Media. Servers include Windows Media, SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 and Icecast v2.

Listener Statistics and Reporting

See in real-time how your audience is growing. Access data logs for performance reporting on your station playback history.

Do It For Fun Or Money!

Generate revenue from music sales, advertising, merchandising or donations. Earn commission with links that allow visitors to buy music.

More About SAM Broadcaster Pro:

Audio Settings

The built-in SAM Broadcaster Pro advanced audio processor will make your station sound incredible! Features an Equalizer, Gated AGC, Stereo expander, Bass EQ, 5-band processor, 2-band processor and clipper. The multi-band processors contain a Compressor, Expander and Limiter for each band!

Real Time Statistics

Get real-time statistics of how many listeners you have in total or on each relay. Instantly see if your listeners like what you are playing or are tuning out. View the high listener counts so you know what your peak has been for the day.

Dual Deck

Queue the next song with Dual Deck. Automate your station to run 24/7, even if you are not there to manage it. Dual Deck players allow you to queue and position the next song while another song is playing – or let Auto DJ take care of it for you. Also allows for professional sounding cross-fading between tracks.

Cross Fading

SAM Broadcaster Pro’s smart crossfader will automatically detect the very best point to start fading tracks, or set your own manual que points. The Gap Killer will make sure there is no silence between tracks – providing uninterrupted music all the time...


The SAM Broadcaster PRO layout is totally configurable so that it can be set up to fit your style and needs whatever it may be. Have only the windows that you need active. You also have 3 working areas so that you do not need to cram all the windows into one working area.

SAM Broadcaster PRO

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC

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