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By Mike Ward
Date Added: 25-Dec-2022

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Tweetz is a Windows 10 Desktop Twitter Client.

Tweetz Desktop is a popular, free and open-source Twitter client for Windows. It offers a wide range of features that allow users to view and interact with their Twitter feed from their desktop in a more customizable and convenient way. With multiple account support, notification features, filtering options, and conversation views, Tweetz Desktop offers a lightweight and fast alternative to the Twitter website or other desktop clients. Its customizable interface and keyboard shortcuts make it easy to personalize the application to suit individual preferences. Overall, Tweetz Desktop is a powerful and convenient tool for Twitter users who want to streamline their Twitter experience and increase their productivity.

Some of the main features of Tweetz Desktop include:

Customizable interface: Tweetz Desktop allows users to customize the appearance of the application, including font sizes and colors.

Multiple account support: Users can add and switch between multiple Twitter accounts within the application.

Inline media previews: Users can preview images, videos, and other media directly within their Twitter feed without leaving the application.

Notification support: Users can receive notifications for new tweets, mentions, and direct messages.

URL shortening: Tweetz Desktop can automatically shorten URLs within tweets to save space and make them easier to read.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts: Users can assign keyboard shortcuts to common actions, such as composing a new tweet or opening a specific profile.

Filtering options: Users can filter their Twitter feed by keyword, hashtag, or user, and can also mute specific words or phrases.

Conversation view: Users can view entire Twitter conversations, including replies and mentions, in a single window.

Built-in translation: Tweetz Desktop can automatically translate tweets written in other languages.

Lightweight and fast: Tweetz Desktop is designed to be a lightweight and fast alternative to the Twitter website or other desktop clients.

Auto-refresh: Users can configure the application to automatically refresh their Twitter feed at regular intervals.

Reply and retweet support: Users can easily reply to and retweet tweets within the application.

Direct message support: Users can send and receive direct messages within the application.

Search functionality: Users can search for specific tweets, users, or hashtags within their Twitter feed or across the entire platform.

Hashtag autocomplete: Tweetz Desktop offers hashtag autocomplete, making it easy for users to include popular hashtags in their tweets.

Emoji support: Users can include emojis in their tweets and view them in their Twitter feed.

Trending topics: Users can view current trending topics and hashtags on Twitter within the application.

Tweet scheduling: Users can schedule tweets to be posted at a later time or date.

User profile view: Users can view detailed information about other Twitter users, including their bio, tweets, and follower/following counts.

URL preview: Users can preview the content of URLs within tweets before clicking on them, including images and video previews.

Overall, Tweetz Desktop provides a wide range of features that make it a powerful and convenient alternative to the Twitter website or other desktop clients. Its lightweight design, customizable interface, and robust functionality make it a popular choice among Twitter users.

Tweetz Desktop

System Requirements:

Windows Versions
(Tweetz is a Windows 10 desktop twitter client.)

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English, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese

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Mike Ward

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