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Date Added: 1-Mar-2024

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Wise Care 365 is Free, Powerful Windows PC Cleaner And Speed Up Tool.

Wise Care 365, developed by WiseCleaner, stands out as a popular choice among users seeking a comprehensive system optimization and cleaning tool for their computers. With a wide array of features, it caters to various aspects of system maintenance and performance enhancement.

Key Features:

1. System Cleaner: Wise Care 365 boasts a built-in system cleaner designed to meticulously scan your computer, identifying and eliminating junk files, temporary data, and other unnecessary clutter. This process effectively frees up valuable disk space, contributing to an overall improvement in your computer's performance.

2. Registry Cleaner: This tool includes a registry cleaner that scrutinizes your Windows registry for invalid entries, broken links, and other errors. By rectifying these issues, it works to enhance your computer's performance.

3. System Tuneup: Wise Care 365 offers a system tuneup feature, which fine-tunes your computer for optimal performance. It can adjust system settings, disable unnecessary services, and optimize memory usage for a smoother experience.

4. Privacy Protection: Privacy is a priority, and Wise Care 365 addresses this with features that delete your browsing history, cookies, and other sensitive information. Additionally, it shreds files to ensure they cannot be recovered by data recovery software.

5. Disk Eraser: This tool comes with a disk eraser, a crucial component for securely erasing data from your hard drive. This feature safeguards your sensitive data from unauthorized access.

6. System Monitor: To keep you informed about your computer's health, Wise Care 365 includes a system monitor. It provides real-time data on CPU usage, memory usage, disk space utilization, and system temperature, offering alerts if your system overheats.


User-Friendly Interface: One of its standout advantages is its user-friendly interface. It caters to both novice and advanced users, ensuring accessibility for all.

Comprehensive Solution: Wise Care 365 offers a suite of features that collectively address various aspects of system optimization. Whether it's cleaning up junk files, resolving registry errors, fine-tuning system settings, or safeguarding your privacy, this tool covers it all.

Enhanced Speed: By freeing up disk space, optimizing system settings, and disabling unnecessary services, Wise Care 365 is a potent tool for enhancing your computer's speed.

Privacy Assurance: Your privacy remains a top priority, as this software helps in deleting sensitive browsing data and files, and makes them unrecoverable.

System Stability: It contributes to improved system stability by addressing registry errors, updating drivers, and optimizing system settings, which in turn enhances the overall performance and reliability of your computer.

Wise Care 365

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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