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By NortonLifeLock Inc.
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Norton AntiVirus Plus is Complete Powerful System Protection Software.

Norton AntiVirus Plus Gives You Multi-layered Virus and Malware Protection.

Norton AntiVirus Plus stands as a robust security software solution delivered by NortonLifeLock, a distinguished leader in digital security solutions. It serves as a formidable shield against a diverse array of cyber threats, ranging from viruses and malware to spyware and more. With its advanced feature set and user-friendly interface, Norton AntiVirus Plus emerges as an exceptional choice for individuals seeking a dependable and efficient security solution.

At the core of Norton AntiVirus Plus lies its real-time protection mechanism. This software operates as an ever-vigilant sentinel, ceaselessly monitoring your devices for potential threats and thwarting them before they can inflict any harm. This unparalleled real-time safeguarding is made possible by Norton's extensive malware definition database, continually updated to ensure it identifies and guards against the latest threats. Furthermore, the software employs advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize and neutralize emerging, hitherto unknown threats.

Another pivotal attribute of Norton AntiVirus Plus is its robust antivirus scanning functionality. The software can meticulously scan your entire system to detect any pre-existing malware or viruses, delivering a comprehensive report of its findings. Users have the choice to opt for a quick scan, focusing on the most susceptible areas of the system, or a full system scan, which meticulously scrutinizes every file and folder on the device. The software also offers the convenience of scheduling regular scans, ensuring perpetual protection for your system.

In addition to its antivirus prowess, Norton AntiVirus Plus fortifies your defense with an integrated firewall. This vigilant sentinel keeps a watchful eye on incoming and outgoing network traffic, blocking any malicious endeavors attempting to infiltrate your system. The software also boasts advanced network intrusion detection, promptly identifying and notifying you of any suspicious activities on your network.

Norton AntiVirus Plus further augments your online security with a suite of features. It includes anti-phishing and anti-spam filters, effectively shielding you from phishing scams and unwelcome email intrusions. Moreover, it offers a safe web browsing feature that vigilantly alerts you when you venture onto potentially dangerous or harmful websites.

An exceptional feature of Norton AntiVirus Plus is its parental control capabilities, putting you in control of your children's online activities. This feature empowers you to establish customized controls to limit their internet access and also allows you to monitor their online actions, ensuring their safety during their online endeavors.

Lastly, Norton AntiVirus Plus is designed with simplicity and seamless integration in mind. The software boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures effortless navigation and comprehension. Moreover, it is compatible across multiple platforms, encompassing Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, offering you the convenience of safeguarding all your devices with a single, unified solution.

In summation, Norton AntiVirus Plus stands as a pinnacle security solution, encompassing an extensive array of advanced features to shield your devices from the ever-evolving realm of cyber threats. With its real-time protection, antivirus scanning, firewall, and additional security layers, it emerges as an impeccable choice for anyone in search of a comprehensive and efficient security solution. Whether you're a home user, a small business proprietor, or an enterprise user, Norton AntiVirus Plus pledges to fulfill your security requirements, ensuring a secure and safeguarded online existence.

Norton AntiVirus Plus is a comprehensive security software that offers a wide range of features to help protect your devices from various types of cyber threats. Some of the key features of Norton AntiVirus Plus include:

Real-time protection: The software constantly monitors your devices for potential threats and takes action to block them before they can cause any harm.

Antivirus scanning: The software can scan your entire system to identify any existing malware or viruses and provides a comprehensive report of its findings.

Firewall protection: The firewall monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and blocks any malicious traffic that tries to penetrate your system.

Anti-phishing and anti-spam filters: These features help protect you from phishing scams and unwanted email messages.

Safe web browsing: The software warns you if you try to visit a website that is known to be dangerous or potentially harmful.

Parental control: This feature allows you to set up customized controls to limit your children's access to the Internet and monitor their online activity.

Network intrusion detection: This feature detects and alerts you to any suspicious activity on your network.

Easy-to-use interface: The software has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and understand.

Multi-platform support: The software is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so you can protect all of your devices with a single solution.

Regular software updates: The software is regularly updated to ensure that it is able to identify and protect against the latest threats.

These are just some of the key features of Norton AntiVirus Plus. Whether you are a home user, small business owner, or enterprise user, this software is sure to meet your security needs and help keep your online life safe and secure.

Norton AntiVirus

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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NortonLifeLock Inc.

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