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VEGAS Pro is Advanced Video And Audio Editing Software For Professionals.

VEGAS Pro - Video, audio & streaming for creators. VEGAS Pro gives you all the tools you need for professional video editing with advanced HDR color correction, live streaming and sound design.

Video editing

Produce fast, high-quality edits while staying focused on your story.

◾Unlimited video & audio tracks

◾Storyboard and timeline synchronization

◾Scene detection

◾Nested timelines

◾Adjustment tracks

◾Keyframing & automation control

◾Multicam editing

◾Hundreds of filters, effects, transitions and titles

◾Customized workflow, shortcuts & layouts

◾Scripting API

Professional formats

Work with a wide range of formats.

◾Apple ProRes

◾HEVC 10bit 4:2:2


◾Panasonic AVCHD


◾Blackmagic RAW

HDR color science

Transform RAW high dynamic range video into unforgettable scenes.

◾Log color correction & grading

◾Range limited color wheels

◾RGB color curves

◾White & black point correction

◾Professional HDR video scopes

◾HDR10 & HLG in ACES 1.2 color space

◾Import & export LUTs

Boris FX Primatte Studio

Produce immersive chroma key with Academy Award nominated tools used in the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Spider-Man.

◾Automatic green/blue screen analysis

◾Manual transparency tuning

◾Lighting adjustment to correct unevenly lit screens

◾Powerful edge correction and cleaning toolset

◾Integrated Academy Award winning Mocha masking and planar tracking system

Artificial intelligence

Built into the core of VEGAS Pro, hardware-accelerated AI assists creativity and fast editing.

◾Colorization to bring black & white scenes to life

◾Content upscaling to enhance low-resolution footage

◾Style transfer to mimic the look of famous artists such as Picasso & Van Gogh

Adjustment tracks

Apply effects to several video tracks on the timeline faster now. All effects made to the adjustment track will be reflected in the video tracks below.

◾Color correct and grade multiple tracks

◾Add enhanced effect chains

◾Adjust opacity envelopes across multiple tracks

Motion tracking

Sophisticated multi-region motion tracking is built directly into VEGAS Pro.

◾Track objects with changing perspective

◾Apply tracking data to text and other objects

◾Import tracking data directly from Boris FX Mocha

◾Track and obscure faces, licence plates and unwanted objects

Audio editing with VEGAS Pro

Record, edit and mix camera audio with foley and natural sound.

◾Automate audio mixes with full control over volume, panning, bussing, audio effects and more

◾Create original sound effects and mix with stock sounds


Smooth previews and fast rendering with GPU acceleration.

◾Proxy workflow

◾Wide format support including HEVC

◾Customizable encoding options and formats

◾Render queue

Audio production with SOUND FORGE Audio Studio

With high-level tools, match the quality of your audio with the quality of your video. Use multiple channels to record voiceovers, sound design, podcasts, and more at pristine quality with less background noise. Integrate it all seamlessly in your VEGAS Pro project.

Discover more VEGAS Pro:

Smooth slow motion

Adjustable playback rates using real-time optical flow.

Compositing modes

Layer video and image with alpha support & blending modes.


Create stunning text and titles with customizable presets.

Subtitle support

Burn SRT subtitles directly into your video output.

Video stabilization

Turn shaky footage into smooth video with fine adjustment.

360° video

Set pan, tilt, rotation, lens correction and zoom.

Bézier masking

Mask freehand or with complex shapes.

Mesh warp

Stretch, squeeze and distort points in a configurable mesh.

Warp flow

Morph one clip to the next or create unnoticeable jump cuts.

Film effects

Add grain and artifacts to creative nostalgic film looks.

Video noise reduction

Transform grainy video into cleaner more usable footage.

Video & screen capture

Built-in video source, screen and audio capture including NDI sources.

OpenFX architecture

Use your favorite video effects from third-party developers.

Flicker control

Remove video flickering caused by neon lights or other sources.

Split screen preview

Compare color correction & effects against original footage.


System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
(For 64-bit)

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Developer By:

MAGIX Software GmbH

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